Saturday, September 27, 2008

Episode One - Show Notes - We Are "On the Air"!

Episode One - The Magical Earth

In the beginning, there were four witches - each holding the energy of one of the four directions.  They laughed, they cried, they felt every human emotion, and then they gave birth to a quadcast.  And it was .... The Magical Earth.

Greetings, Fellow Travellers, and welcome to The Magickal Earth.  In this, our inaugural episode, we take a leap of faith (empty handed into the void of the Internet) and invite you to share a moment of magical connection with us.

Intro music is a snippet by Patrick Bernhardt from his album,
Solaris Universalis. 

In this episode, we open with the first part of the Gaiaist Wiccan Liturgy  - a poem by Ralph Blum (he of the Runes) that we use as a ritual greeting.  

After some introductions, we learn that numerologically speaking, the recording date of this show resonates to the energy of The Heirophant.  Discover "why the Magical Earth", and meander along  with our chatter until our interview with "Small Medium at Large" Vicki Eaton.  

Cliff reads a brief passage from a classic text "The Goat-foot God" by Dion Fortune and Susan shares some Sacred Poetry from her collection. (Its pretty juicy stuff!).  We close with the Rede - and look forward to the next time we gather with you at our corner of the Circle, here at The Magical Earth.

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Jacinthe's Blog - its a mystery.

Next Episode - Samhain-ish, give or take a few days.

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