Saturday, December 26, 2009

Episode 14 - No Fools LIke Yule Fools. No Fooling!

The Magical Earth Episode 14

Greetings, Fellow Travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth, recorded Dec 17th, 2009.

A Quick Check in - after we discuss the snowball effect of life in the fourth quarter of the year and how the cultural cues and clues are both more and less predictable.

How much of the Christmas culture do many Pagans participate in? Do Pagans have Christmas Trees (yes, they were ours first). Do you exchange Christmas gifts with other Pagans? How do you, as a Pagan celebrate - mark - participate in Dec 25th? There are no right or wrong answers - just explorations of your personal practice.

(We talk about our Christmas Eve Orphan tradition of movie going on Christmas Eve - this year - Avatar! Followed by Sherlock Holmes.)

Cliff references his current Question of the Week on The Modern Pagan - Bombarded on All Sides. We also talk about our personal "wish lists" - everything from a knitting swift and / or a wool ball winder for Alex. Susan has already received her holiday gifts (a new laptop and a new TV) - so that leaves her with a wish for a new knitting needle set - but would settle for a Boler trailer. Jacinthe wants 10 hours in a recording studio for Musique Magique and a digital camera, more Le Creuset, and Cliff wants to be a published author by a real publisher so he can be a published author and hold a copy of his own book in his hot little hands.

Cliff references this great writing blog - Writing Excuses. Susan suggests two books by Judy Harrow - Spiritual Mentoring and Wicca Covens.

We acknowledge that we have "wants" - not needs - and that we are all grateful for what we do have. It helps to put our relationship with abundance into perspective by seeing how "desire driven" our wants are, and how far removed they are from being "needs". This is a time of year to acknowledge the blessings in our life that have sustained us through the dark time, now that the Light is returning. We chat about how our Circadian rhythms are completely "off" and we blame climate change.

We recap our knitting projects, for no particular reason except that's what we do. :) Cliff still isn't knitting.

International Calendar Change Day is approaching, and we each have our own resolutions or anti-resolutions to challenge our resolve. Health - Frugal Living - Lifestyle Changes - we shall see how we go.

Closing thoughts, and holy-day blessings from each of us - to all of you.

Susan closes with two pieces of sacred poetry - again from Galen Gilotte's Goddess Book of Hours, and the God Book of Hours.

Until next time, walk softly.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lucky Episode 13 - We Got Guests!

Click here for Episode 13

Greetings Fellow Travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth - recorded at The Little Pink House Studio (for a change of pace from our usual recording place).

We got guests - Brendan Meyers and Juniper from the Hedge and Crash the Dog.

A quick check in:
Cliff is recovering from larangitis and is immersed in NanoWriMo (he won, by the way)
Alex is pursuing NanoKnitSwiMo - knitting 50,000 stitches in the month of November
Susan is mourning the death of her trusty laptop and is anticipating the arrival of something new and shiny
Jacinthe is enjoying her finally completed Tattoo - done by Jodie from Rock Road Tattoo (pictures coming soon) and is being creative.

Juniper talks about her preparation for moving from the Okanagan Valley to the Ottawa Valley, and Brendan has been preparing for Juniper's arrival in Ottawa and looking for a job and working on another book.

Then follows some free range discussion - enjoy! It was a great conversation that discusses Paganism from a uniquely Canadian point of view. Lots of ideas - push - pull - agree - disagree - Good Stuff! Entertaining and Informative - but don't take our word for it - listen up!!!

Some things that we reference in it are:

We talk about how to build community and maintain community. It is a heartfelt exploration of what makes a community cleave (in both meanings of the word).

Our guests do a bit of greatly encouraged self promotion, including a list of Brendan's books (buy a book - order online or through your local metaphysical bookstore or big box book barn)
  • The Other Side of Virtue
  • A Pagan Testament
  • Mysteries of Druidry
And Brendan's on Wikipedia!

and Brendan ends with Jacinthe's favourite song from his repertoire.

AND - buy your Walking the Hedge Calendar for 2010 TODAY! Support your local calendar making hedge-witch!

Until next time - walk softly....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Episode 12 - Dark Days - Dark Season

Episode 12

Greetings, Fellow Travellers, and welcome to the Magical Earth - recorded about 10 days before Samhain 2009.

Our check in reveals that:

  • Cliff is now the secretary of his union at work (yay), is getting ready for Nanowrimo (please friend Randilin)
  • Alex is also competing in Nano, immersed in work and knitting Yule gifts,
  • Susan is going to visiting Savannah GA in November (any listeners from the Deep South?), is also trying to compete in Nano (please friend me - SuHurrell - too!) and has been in a blur of catching up to losing most of September.
  • Jacinthe is NOT nano-ing, but is planning to compete next year. Lots of outdoor gardening ..... and family matters.

We read an email from Drake Atlas on magical names. His podcast ``Get Out of the Broom Closet`` is highly recommended.

Jacinthe shares some thoughts on an article she is reading in What is Enlightenment Magazine that leads us into our deep dish discussion this episode about death and dying, Pagan Style.

Some information on Eco- Burials, Natural Burials, and Pagan Options

Challenge of the Show - to write down your wishes for your funeral - your memorial service - your burial - your estate - and think about what you need to have in place - a Living Will - a DNR order - your insurance documents - whatever .... to make it as easy as possible for your family of origin and family of faith to midwife your death and celebrate your life after your transition to the Summerland.

We`d love to hear from you - comments - suggestions - opinions - stories about what is going on in your corner of the Magical Earth - email us at and join us on our Facebook Page - and friend any of us when you find us out there in social networking land.

As always, we end with some sacred poetry, once again drawn from The Goddess Book of Hours and the God Book of Hours by Galen Gilotte. The Samhain theme runs through these beautiful words as well. We hope you enjoy.

Until next time, walk softly.

Friday, October 16, 2009

episode 11 - Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

Click here for Episode 11

Greetings, fellow Travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth Quadcast. We are so happy to have you with us to celebrate our first full trip around the sun. We couldn't have done it without you - our listeners. We appreciate the time you spend with us.

Its great to have Jacinthe back in the circle - now that the lawn is torn up and the heirloom eggplants have been turned into spicy pickled goodness. We do our usual check up and check in to share what's been happening in our lives over the past month or so.

WE GOT MAIL - thank you so much to those of you who took time to send us such wonderful emails - many of them were mini essays on some of the points we were discussing - we greatly enjoyed reading and discussing them, and bring some of the highlights to our discussion . If you want to add your thoughts to the mix - please comment on the blog or email us at

If anyone is still interested in doing a distance ritual for energy around jobs - promotions - employment - job satisfaction - let us know - this is a carryover from Episode 10's idea - and we're always game for a good ritual.

Our topic this show - a reader suggestion - and its a hot topic - "Magical Names" - where we start out safe and then veer sharply into political incorrectness. You've been warned. :) Our quesiton of the show is about the "who / how / what /why / when" of your magical name. How did it come to you - what does it mean to you - what impact has it had on your magical and regular life?

We are all very excited (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) about the impending opening of "Where the Wild Things Are" - as well as a handful of other movies. But really - "WTWTA" is what it's all about - such a great book for kids of all ages and the adults who love them. LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!

Time for our closing thoughts - Here's a question for you - "why do all the pagan calendars start on Jan 1/secular calendar change day - why not Samhain?" (we know that there are a few that do - but not many)

This episode's Sacred Poetry come from a pair of books called The Book of Hours (one for the Goddess and one for the God) by Galen Gillotte.

It has been a pleasure to walk this episode with you! Have a blessed Samhain if you celebrate it - and may the Ancestors give you wisdom and peace.

Until next time - walk softly.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Magical Earth - Episode 10

Click here to download Episode 10 of the Magical Earth Quadcast

Show notes will follow in the next week.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Episode 9 - Summer Time and the Witchin is Easy...

Episode 9

Sorry for the problems with getting this episode up and online. There were some difficulties with our hosting service that had to be overcame.

Welcome to another trip on the Magical Earth! The photos are from last year's Summer Solstice Open Circle at Pagan Park - the sun coming up over the trees by the river ... glorious.

Thanks so much for giving us a listen. We know you're out there, the download numbers tell us so. To those of you who have found us for the first time - a special welcome, and if you like what you hear, please check out the earlier episodes. For those of you who walk with us regularly - thank you for tuning in again and again. We'd love to hear from you - whoever "you" are - to let us know what's going on in YOUR corner of the Circle. Email us at

So - we recorded this just before Summer Solstice. We do our check in - Cliff & Alex welcome a new-to-them car, Susan & Jacinthe say farewell to a friend, Alex's voice gets potentially recognized on a work related call, and Jacinthe celebrates her daughter's choice to "work the program" and make her current stay in a rehab facility a success - and then there's the garden...
digging - planting - plant trading - and potential photos either on this blog or on Cliff's blog.

Sacred Poetry - once again from Her Words by Burleigh Mullen, an anthology of poetry about the Great Mother.

  • The Goddesses by Jeanine Canan
  • The Power of the Soul by Sheila Glover
We say farewell to The Pagan Activist - a wonderful site that educated, entertained, informed and delighted a world wide pagan audience - we honor the work of the Publisher (Edain Duguay and her publishing venture, Wyrdwood and all the contributors of the wonderful columns. Sad to see it go - and acknowledging that all things have the season. It was a magnificent collection of diverse voices - and it will be missed.

We talk about the state of Pagan Periodicals - real time and online - and Pagan online gathering places like The Witches Voice - PaganSpace - all the various groups on Facebook - the pagan themed groups on other special interest groups like Ravelry (for Knitters) and Etsy (for crafters) - the yahoo groups - the google groups - the Ning groups.

One question about these various community gathering places - so many people "opt out" of wanting to receive invitations - so how do people get together if no one wants to be invited to anything? How do you find out about what is going on in your community - how do you connect to other pagans and pagan events. How many lists are you on? Do you have a store in your community that is the hub of the wheel?

Who and what is your community? Does it have young families - young singles - families with near adult children - seniors - who is filling up the open circles?

Are you curious about what is going on elsewhere in Canada or the greater Pagan world - to learn from what other community groups are doing?

People - we're serious about wanting some feedback here. We have good questions - we just need some rally good answers. :) help us understand! We're so confused!

Come Plurk with us - Cliff and Susan and Alex are all on Plurk - Susan also Twitters as well as Plurk - Cliff is a Plurker, as is Alex. Join the Facebook Page and "friend us" if you'd like - send us an email - we want to know what you think.

Book Review: Alex talks about the classic The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. We also mention her 2004 release "The Earth Path - we consider both books "must reads".

Also we mourn the loss of The Crooked Path - Peter Paddon has closed down his site as well and is now focusing his efforts on Pendraig Publishing. We all found his site extraordinarily special - and part of the spell was woven through the magick of Peter's voice - made for broadcasting - we thank you Peter Paddon for all you have given to us on the Crooked Path. You leave a gap in the Pagn Podcasting community that will not likely be filled.

On that note, we wrap up - Jacinthe is looking forward to the Winnipeg Folk Festival - "where our light show is the sun" - Sunday night's closing concert is Loreena McKennitt. Cliff has agreed to camp - real tent camping. Alex is looking forward to Fringe Festival as well as Folk Fest and all the cultural events that happen here over the summer months - we get a huge cultural infusion from June to September. Alex celebrates her birthday at Midsummer. Susan wants to sing along with Summer is a Comin In by Paul Newman that she heard on Episode 14 of Druidcast - thanks to Damh the Bard for sharing such wonderful music- not to mention the general oaky goodness of Druidcast.

Hope you had a joyous and Blessed Solstice - and that there was a man with a rack of antlers on his head dancing in your garden at sunrise. Hope you sent him into the sunset well fed, well loved and full of the Goddess's blessing!

Until next time,

Walk softly....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

April Showers, May Flowers, darned near Summer Fools

The Magical Earth Episode 8

Greetings Travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth.

A seasonal episode, a little later than anticipated due to

Thanks to our elder Podkin, our Wigglian brother and sister, Mojo & Sparrow, for helping us with our little April Fools "podcast exchange".

We take a few minutes to get caught up on the rising floodwaters, and talk about local initiatives to reduce our civic environmental footprint.
  • garbage day is not "recycling day" to increase awareness of recycling as an option, shifting the focus of public consciousness. (ah, magick)
  • exploring the recycling of the sand used over the winter to give our streets more traction. Winnipeg as a city does a poor job of "being green".
Alex talks about her class field trip to the Costume Museum of Manitoba and how fashion used to be far more reusable than it is today.

Susan and Jacinthe are excited about some recycled fibre that they have ordered that uses waste fibre from the sari industry to create lucious yarn for knitters.

Susan's workplace implemented a hazardous waste disposal program, including safe battery disposal, through one of our clients business initiatives.

Jacinthe talks about how Spring Cleaning is a form of "honoring the ancestors" - and a time of remembering.

How do we celebrate the holidays when the seasons are changing - thank you Climate Change. While the Solstices and the Equinoxes remain constant, the "agricultural connection" is not so strong depending on where you are in the world. We reference Wiccan author and friend Kevin Saunders and his books , where he talks about using the "first full moon" in the astrological sign for the non-solar holidays. We've decided as a working group to go back to observing the holidays based on the lunar/solar cycles.

Spring Cleaning is occurring in both households - Jacinthe starts hers in the first full moon in Aries - and in each room she starts at the east-most doorway and goes counterclockwise around the room. Cliff and Alex make a plan, and then "execute!". YMMV

We talk about setting books free after our time with them is done - and talk about the most recent edition of Pangaia magazine and their article on Influential Pagans. Congratulations to the fine folk at the Pagan Centered Podcast and Mojo and Sparrow at the Wigglian Way for getting mentioned.

Cliff now Plurks and has abandoned Twitter.. Susan also plurks, and still tweets. Alex laughs at the geekyness of it all, and Jacinthe sticks to her knitting . We declare a Pagan Plurk Revolution. We Plurk. Join us plurking. Cliff is Randilin, Susan is SuHu - Alex is Tamile. Come Plurk with us.

Pagan Poetry ensues - two very different approaches to the body of the Great Mother. Speaking of great mothers as found in nature - check out this Youtube video.

This episdoe, we select the GeekWitch Podcast with its lovely host with a nerdy twist - Tallea Moonwater for our Pick a Pack of Pickled Pagan Podcasts.

Our episode has been brought to you by the World Card - this is Susan's least favourite card in the deck - (she is more of a Tower fan). May we embrace every new experience as a near-naked androgene holding a pair of pointy sticks, being cheered on from peanut gallery of the four corners of the globe by scary monsters.

Jacinthe talks about the power of creation at a molecular level - she explores her own spiritual growth and her soul's evolution through her ability to create through food -through her knitting and upcoming spinning - very nicely said by our usually quiet little French one.

We wind it up and look forward to the next episode. Until then...

Walk softly.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Episode #7 - A quick visit

Episode #7

Just a quick visit for now.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Episode 6 - Ostara, Earth Hour, and The Hope of Spring

Episode 6 of the Magical Earth

Greetings, Fellow Travellers, and welcome to the Magical Earth.

We recorded this episode mid-March - but due to being waylaid by assorted colds and flu bugs, working overtime, school, family obligations, and life ... we are thrilled to finally get this up and out.

The time change also seemed to have contributed to the ebbing of energy, as we wait eagerly for the coming of Spring - and we all strongly encourage Jacinthe to stop knitting mitts, hats and scarves to allow the energy of Spring to finally make it self manifest.

Alex has started the final class of her term, Jacinthe has been doing a lot of overtime, Susan has been sick with every pesky bug that is making the rounds, and Cliff has joined the Environmental Policy Group at his work to effect some "Green" changes in his workplace. He is also hard at work at an online writing project "Carpe Arcanum" and working on his column, the Digital Pagan for The Pagan Activist.

At one point, Susan recalls Barb's "Beltane in the Snow" chant/mantra, calling out to the Goddess to "Take of the White Dress, Put on the Green Dress". Say it with us now...

Jacinthe shares an article from a back issue of What is Enlightenment magazine about the Environment. Learn more about what is Enlightenment / EnlighteNEXT - Andrew Cohen's publication. Spring/Summer 2001 issue - Dialogue with Andrew Cohen and Rabbi Michael Lerner. The article discusses the unique and powerful relationships between spirituality, environmentalism, activism and human nature, and how we missed opportunities to effect change when it was timely, and now (in 2001) how we must effect bigger and more difficult changes becuase of the severity of the challenge ahead.

We talk about the impact of recycling on the lives of the poor in developing countries, who have depended on the affluence in the effluence of what the big cities throw away to earn a living picking out recyclable bits and pieces from the landfills.

We also discuss the impact of biofuels on the cost of food crops (which we see at the cash register) and how even "low-cost"vegetarian staples like TVP have risen dramatically in price as biofuel agribusiness has an impact on sustainable agriculture. Good TVP recipes, anyone?

Solar power is becoming more affordable for the average home and even apartment dweller with the innovations by companies like "Veranda" - check it out.

For more information on James Lovelock, the scientist who "founded" the Gaia Hypothesis
as referenced in our conversation and the final chapter of Triumph of the Moon - check the links above, and do some Googling on your own - you'll be glad you did.

We discuss plans for Earth Hour - now passed - sorry! But plan to do something next year for Earth Hour 2010! For the record, we had a great time on March 28th, at The Witchery - and the Ritual from Episode 4 was a great fit.

Pick a Pack of Pickled Pagan Podcasts takes us to a review of "Pagan Parents on the Edge" - and a discussion of episodes old and new. Arrowind and Foxfire do a great show. Cliff's favourite episode is an early one where they talk about the books that influence them, which leads to a mention of the Church of All Worlds.

This episode is brought to you by The Chariot - Self-Mastery of will and desire, leaving the past behind, and moving forward with purpose and clarity. This takes us to a Cliff's idea of a great introduction, as we move into the Sacred Poetry section, and a prayer supposedly written by that charming old snake catcher, St. Patrick, that Susan found in her current favourite daily read - Earth Prayers from Around the World

Alex's Bookshelf pick is a follow up to her website visit to - we discuss the reissue of Witchcraft Today. This gives us a springboard to batt around ideas about how Wiccan practice has changed, flowed and ebbed over the decades of its evolution.

Our previous bookstudy books have been (in order)
and our next choice - we are pleased to announce our pick of a Canadian Pagan Author -

Brendan Myers - The Other Side of Virtue

We invite you to follow along by joining our open community discussion forum - where we talk about many things -

After summing up our evening, we close with a prayer from the Jewish Tradition that so wonderfully expresses our committment to a life of action. We use this as a chant, a mantra, and "sing it" from time to time.

We are here to do,
and through doing learn;
and through learning know;
and through knowing
to experience wonder;
and through wonder
to attain wisdom;
and through wisdom
to find simplicity;
and through simplicity
to give attention
and through attention
see what needs to be done
We are here to do.

-- Pirkei Avot 5:27

Until our paths cross again,
Walk softly.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Episode #5 - Dedicated to Brighid - she's the reason for the season...

Episode #5

Greetings, Fellow Travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth.

Episode 5 starts with our Greeting, as usual - and our check in reveals that once again we are pumpkin-infused and with traces of whipped cream on our faces. Tempis Fugit! It is already February (or darned close).

We talk a bit about personal fitness, financial fitness, and the concept of resolutions based on changing the calendar. Cliff and Alex visited the local Wellness Expo, and found a few interesting weight loss tips - and one very unappetizing solution. They also tried out "the chi machine" and the "hothouse" - and loved them.

Cliff has started contributing to a website called "The Pagan Activist and Cliff's column, the Digital Pagan - the next column will be on social networking.

Jacinthe has been working on her knitting, and has found a new knitting podcast to tickle her ears - having fallen in love with David Reidy, and his "Sticks and String" podcast - he has a passion for the environment, for shopping locally at Australian mills and farms, honors his knitting ancestors and does "magic" (stage magic). Mr. Reidy - you do great podcast - and even for non-knitters - his joyous exploration of the knitting community is heartening. We don't know if he's pagan - we don't think he is - but at times, his views on the sacred earth, the need for community, the use of natural resources - and - he makes sure the blue tongued lizards are not hiding in the lawn grass before he mows - make us feel like he's a kindred spirit - and kindred knitter.

We give props and shout outs to the Podkin, and the listening community - please give us - and all podcasters - feedback on what you like and what you don't. We (all of us podcasters) love to hear from you. Write reviews on iTunes, or email - you can email us and we will get back to you!

The theme that emerges is that of "doing" - as a corollary to "being - and that doing is also learning. We talk about our indiviudal lessons of the Imbolc Season, and the way that the Goddess Brighid has touched our lives.

Susan expresses the hope of resurrecting the Cil Gallchno of Brighid - where devotees can take part in a symbolic "tending of the flame" one day in a day rotation, with Brighid catching the flame on the 20th day - and holding the blessing of the flame over all of us.

A group of us did this for several years some time ago - as part of the "Order of Brighid" (Susan and Jacinthe are still members) - and some of us would like to restart it as an independent observance, possibley under their umbrella - or on our own. Please contact us if you would like more information on how this works - or if you want to do it as part of the Cil Gallchno (Susan's group) - please let her know and she'll send you info).

We talk about Elders, Teachers, what teaching looks like in the 21st century (books, blogging, podcasting, lecture series, webinars etc), getting paid for teaching, how to repay your teachers for teaching you with an exchange of energy that has meaning - which can include cash! We also kick around "how the myth of not paying for teaching affects our Elders" and would love feedback from you on this matter.

Alex reviews as a resource for the Wiccan Community and we discuss what we find there.

Pick A Pack of Pickled Pagan Podcasts - we talk about the Pagan Centered Podcast - a great podcast not for the faint of heart, and who earn their explicit rating with every episode. Funny - insightful - not politically correct - and worth listening to. The sound quality of some episodes is a bit dodgy - but please, perservere - if your ears aren't bleeding - you aren't listening hard enough!

Earth Hour is coming up March 28th, 2009. Learn all about it and create an event where you are. We'll be doing something at the Witchery that night - if you want to join us, please email us to let us know! We'll be doing the Earth Ritual from the last episode - by candlelight.

Get the word out - register with Earth Hour (each country has their own site) and do your part to make everyone aware of the importance of limiting energy consumption to help reverse climate change.

We're happy to help with cheap advice on what you (yes YOU!) can do to hold your own pagan celebration of Earth Hour! Email us! Join with us in energy, if you can't be with us in person. Tell 13 friends... and they'll tell 13 friends.... and so on and so on - don't you want to sit in the dark with people who want to sit in the dark with you? Let us know your events and we'll post them and announce them to help you out! the more the merrier!

We touch on the concept of environmental activism as a form of frugality - and how "frugal is the new black" (as well as the new green). There are lots of great blogs on frugality - and even one called "The Frugal Pagan".

Susan reads some Sacred Poetry - Homecoming by Linda Reuther from the collection "Her Words - an anthology of poetry about the Great Goddess" edited by Burleigh Muten. Please read the article about Linda Reuther - her amazing journey to know the Goddess in her lifetime of honoring Gaia. Truly Inspiring.

We wrap up by talking about what we are taking with us from the holy day of Imbolc - from the Flame and Well of Brighid. How was your Imbolc celebration? Let us know how she touches you - and may Her shaping of your soul be gentle - may you be as malleable metal between the hammer and the anvil of Her Forge.

Until our paths cross again,
Walk Softly.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Episode Four - A Ritual for the Earth

Greetings, Fellow Travelers, and welcome to Episode 4 of the Magical Earth Quadcast.

This is our first "betwixt and between the Sabbats" episode. Hope you enjoy it. Our next episode will be out around Imbolc.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and listened and passed on a recommendation to a friend about The Magical Earth. We are at over 1500 downloads of our first three episodes, and over 2100 downloads if you count our "call for Yule blessings" and "Happy 2009" soundsquibs. We thank you - thank you - thank you - for the kind words, the emails, and the comments.

Episode Four - And Now, for something completely different.

Some Background is in Order:
On our discussion group Communitas Paganus, I (Susan) am posting poetry appropriate to certain days of the year, mostly so far taken from a book called Earth Prayers, a collection of prayers, blessings, poetry, scripture from many Traditions all centered around the Earth. I found a segment that was credited to The United Nations Environmental Sabbat Service - and as I dug deeper - and found the entire ritual - I knew we had to do "something" with it.

In a Public Ritual Jacinthe and I had done several years ago as part of a fundraising initiative for the victims of the Tsunami of 2005, we had encountered a piece of sacred writing called the Chinook Psalter, and now found a slightly different version of it as part of the site hosting the UN Sabbat Service. There was also a blessingway prayer that we liked as well on the same site, so we included that also.

We wrapped these three pieces within the framework of the Gaiaist Wiccan Liturgy, making few modifications for flow and consistency within the construction of our sacred space. The Gaiaist Wiccan Liturgy evolved from the Spirit-Haven Liturgy, both written by Susan Hurrell and Jacinthe Labbe and workshoped since 1993 in numerous private and public circles.

So - to begin the New Calendar Year, and in anticipation of Earth Hour 2009, we start our year with a ritual to take responsibility for the state of the Earth, and to honor the Earth, Gaia who gives us life, and all of her creatures.

We invite you to join with us - light candles at the Quarters if you wish, and to share in this sacred rite.

"The Greeting" written by Ralph Blum (The Book of Runes)
I honor your gods, I drink at your well. I bring an undefended heart to our meeting place. I will not negotiate by withholding. I have no cherished outcomes. I am not subject to disappointment.

The Gaiast Wiccan Ritual Liturgy for Creation of Sacred Space

The Self-Blessing
We are one with Universal Energy, for we are its creation. It is our eyes, and we see clearly. It is our ears, and we hear with discernment. It is our mouths, and we speak truth. It is our hands, and we do sacred work. It is our hearts, and we give and receive love. It is our feet, and we move forward on our journey. And so it is.

Calling the Elemental Compass
From the East, we receive clarity, which we transform into ideas. We are one with the Air, the breath of life.

From the South, we receive passion, which we transform into activity. We are one with the Fire, the passions of life.

From the West, we receive emotion, which we transform into responsibility. We are one with the Water, the flow that connects all life.

From the North, we receive stability, which we transform into accomplishment. We are one with the Earth, Gaia who gives us life.

From the Center, we receive grounding, which we transform into tranquility. We are a part of the circle of life.

From heart to heart and hand to hand, we are one people, serving Gaia.

The Invocations
She appears with the moon rise, as She returns to light the night sky
with her ever changing face and its silver light of mystery.
He appears with the sunrise, as He returns to light the new dawning day
and warm the world with His golden rays of power.
Her potential is wisdom. Her power is emotion.
His potential is strength. His power is passion.
Reborn each night from darkness is
She who brings forth hope and mystery.
Returning each morning from darkness is
He who is our single source of light and life.
Her womb brings forth regeneration
in the never ending cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
His seed brings forth new beginnings
in the never ending cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
For Holy is the Great Goddess,
Maiden, Mother, Crone.
For Holy is the Great God,
Youth, Father, Sage.
Let now the blessings of the Great Moon Mother descend.
Let now the blessings of the Great Sun Father descend.
Become One and Unite within this sacred space.

The United Nations Environmental Sabbath Service
From “Only One Earth,” a United Nations Environment Program publication for “Environmental Sabbath/Earth Rest Day,” June 1990; UN Environment Program, DC2-803 United Nations, New York, NY 10017.

A Call to Prayer

We who have lost our sense and our senses –
our touch, our smell, our vision of who we are;
we who frantically force and press all things,
without rest for body or spirit, hurting our earth and injuring ourselves:
we call a halt.

We want to rest.
We need to rest and allow the earth to rest.
We need to reflect and to rediscover the mystery that lives in us,
that is the ground of every unique expression of life,
the source of the fascination that calls all things to communion.

We declare a Sabbath, a space of quiet:
for simple being and letting be;
for recovering the great, forgotten truths;
for learning how to live again.

A Prayer of Awareness
Today we know of the energy that moves all things:
the oneness of existence,

the diversity and uniqueness of every moment of creation,

every shape and form,

the attraction, the allurement,
the fascination that all things have for one another.

Humbled by our knowledge,
chastened by surprising revelations,
with awe and reverence
we come before the mystery of life.

A Prayer of Sorrow
We have forgotten who we are.

We have forgotten who we are.
We have alienated ourselves from the unfolding of the cosmos.

We have become estranged from the movements of the earth.

We have turned our backs on the cycles of life.

We have forgotten who we are.
We have sought only our own security.
We have exploited simply for our own ends.

We have distorted our knowledge.
We have abused our power.

We have forgotten who we are.
Now the land is barren.

And the waters are poisoned.

And the air is polluted.

We have forgotten who we are.
Now the forests are dying.

And the creatures are disappearing.

And the humans are despairing.

We have forgotten who we are.
We ask forgiveness.

We ask for the gift of remembering.

We ask for the strength to change.

(the ritual calls for a time of meditative silence) Musical Interlude by Marc Gunn entitled 'Song of Assisi' and can be found on the Podsafe Music Network

A Prayer of Healing
We join with the earth and with each other.
To bring new life to the land.

To restore the waters.

To refresh the air.

We join with the earth and with each other.
To renew the forests.
To care for the plants.

To protect the creatures

We join with the earth and with each other.
To celebrate the seas.
To rejoice the sunlight.
To sing the song of the stars

We join with the earth and with each other.
To recall our destiny.
To renew our spirits.
To reinvigorate our bodies

We join with the earth and with each other.
To create the human community.
To promote justice and peace.
To remember our children

We join together as many and diverse expressions
of one loving mystery:
for the healing of the earth and the renewal of all life.

A Prayer of Gratitude
We rejoice in all life.
We live in all things.

All things live in us

We rejoice in all life.
We live by the sun.
We move with the stars

We rejoice in all life.
We eat from the earth.
We drink from the rain.
We breathe from the air

We rejoice in all life.
We share with the creatures.
We have strength through their gifts

We rejoice in all life.
We depend on the forests.
We have knowledge through their secrets

We rejoice in all life.
We have the privilege of seeing and understanding.
We have the responsibility of caring.
We have the joy of celebrating.

We rejoice in all life.
We are full of the grace of creation.
We are graceful.
We are grateful.

The Chinook Psalter (adaptation)

We call upon the earth, our planet home,
with its beautiful depths and soaring heights,
its vitality and abundance of life,
and together we ask that it

Teach us, and show us the way.

We call upon the mountains, the Cascades and the Olympics,
the high green valleys and meadows filled with wild flowers,
the snows that never melt, the summits of intense silence,
and we ask that they

Teach us, and show us the way.

We call upon the waters that rim the ear, horizon to horizon,
that flow in our rivers and streams,
that fall upon our gardens and fields,
and we ask that they

Teach us, and show us the way.

We call upon the land which grows our food,
the nurturing soil, the fertile fields,
the abundant gardens and orchards,
and we ask that they

Teach us, and show us the way.

We call upon the forests, the great trees
reaching strongly to the sky
with the earth in their roots and the heavens in their branches,
the fir and the pine and the cedar,
and we ask them to

Teach us, and show us the way.

We call upon the creatures of the fields and forests and the seas,
our brothers and sisters the wolves and deer,
the eagle and dove,
the great whales and the dolphin,
the beautiful Orca and salmon who share our Northwest home,
and we ask them to

Teach us, and show us the way

We call upon the moon and the stars and the sun,
who govern the rhythms and seasons of our lives
and remind us that we are part of a great and wondrous universe,
and we ask them to

Teach us, and show us the way

We call upon all those who have lived on this earth,
our ancestors and our friends,
who dreamed the best for future generation,
and upon whose lives our lives are built,
and with thanksgiving, we call upon them to

Teach us, and show us the way

And lastly,
we call upon all that we hold most sacred,
the presence and power of the Great Spirit of love and truth
which flows through all the universe
to be with us to

Teach us, and show us the way.

Litany of Six Directions (adapted)
(Source unknown; inspired by a traditional Native American blessing.)

We turn to the West for a blessing to the Spirit of Shalom, Peace:
make us whole, make us holy,
help us to love You and one another with our whole heart,
our whole mind, our whole being, we pray:
Empower us, Spirit of the West

We turn to the North for a blessing to the Spirit of Integrity:
give us Your strength and the courage
to endure all the problems we may face, we pray
Empower us, Spirit of the North

We turn to the East for a blessing, to the Spirit of Illumination:

open our eyes to the sacredness of every living thing, we pray
Empower us, Spirit of the East

We turn to the South for a blessing, to the Spirit of Transformation:
help us to grow in wisdom and grace and the goodness of the ages, we pray
Empower us, Spirit of the South

We look to the Heavens, to the Spirit of Openness:
fill us with a breadth of vision to see that Your love embraces all, we pray
Empower us, Spirit of the Great Sky Father

We touch the Earth for a blessing,
and thereby touch the Spirit which lives among us and within us:

help us to be more human
and to praise you through the work of our hands, we pray
Empower us, Spirit of the Great Earth Mother

Let us go from here blessed and renewed
in the Spirit of Peace,
in the Spirit of Integrity,
in the Spirit of Illumination,
in the Spirit of Transformation,
with hopes lifted high to the heavens
and with hearts loving the earth
in the name of our loving, creating, nurturing divine presence,
no mater what names we use to call its presence and power into our lives.

And so it is.

The Devocations
She appears with the moon rise, as She returns to light the night sky
with her ever changing face and its silver light of mystery.
He appears with the sunrise, as He returns to light the new dawning day
and warm the world with His golden rays of power.
Her potential is wisdom.
Her power is emotion.
His potential is strength.
His power is passion.
Reborn each night from darkness is
She who brings forth hope and mystery.
Returning each morning from darkness is
He who is our single source of light and life.
Her womb brings forth regeneration
in the never ending cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
His seed brings forth new beginnings
in the never ending cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
For Holy is the Great Goddess,
Maiden, Mother, Crone.
For Holy is the Great God,
Youth, Father, Sage.
We give thanks for the blessings of the Great Moon Mother.
We give thanks for the blessings of the Great Sun Father.
As we prepare to depart from this sacred space

Releasing the Elemental Compass
We honor our transformation, and thank the Centre for tranquility.

May we remain one with the Centre, and learn from all the directions.

We honor our accomplishments, and thank the North for stability.
May we remain one with the Earth, Gaia who gives us life.

We honor our responsibilities, and thank the West for emotion.

May we remain one with the Water, the flow that connects all life.

We honor our activity, and thank the South for passion.
May we remain one with the Fire, the fuel that empowers life.

We honor our ideas, and thank the East for clarity.
May we remain one with the Air, the breath of life.

From heart to heart and hand to hand - (repeat as needed) - The Circle is Open, but Unbroken. Know the Mystery of the Unbroken Circle.

Bide the Wiccan Law we must, in perfect love and perfect trust. These words the Wiccan Rede fulfill - and ye harm none, do what you will. Lest in they self-defense it be, every mind there one law be. Honor this with mind and heart, for Merry we meet, merry we part, and merry we meet again.


Last year members of the Gaiaist Wiccan Tradition here in Winnipeg got very involved in promoting Earth Hour and held an event and open ritual at our Temple Space. This year, Earth Hour is Saturday March 28th, with the hour of darkness being from 8:30 to 9:30 pm local time. We are discussing using this as the ritual, in candlelight at our Temple space.

We invite any local people to contact us for details, or to attend that event. Details will be found on a Facebook Event Page for Earth Hour Winnipeg - and we also have an Earth Hour Winnipeg Group on Facebook. Join us there.

We also invite and encourage "you" to celebrate Earth Hour by joining with us in energy, and hosting an Open Circle or Private Event to perform the United Nations Earth Sabbat Ritual at 8:30 pm your local time on March 28th. Please use your own circle casting or sacred Liturgy - however you wish to create sacred space is entirely up to you - that magick will be in sharing the words of power in the Prayer of Awareness, the Prayer of Sorrow, The Prayer of Healing, and the Prayer of Gratitude, followed by the Chinook Psalter, and the Litany of the 6 Directions.

We love to help support and promote your efforts "everywhere" to make this a sacred event to honor Our Mother Earth. Join our Facebook Earth Hour Group (you don't have to be from Winnipeg) and or find a group for your location (or start one!) and email us to let us know what you are doing in your circle, grove, clan, tribe, coven or Tradition.

Find ways to spread the word to family, friends, your workplaces, where you shop, wherever you go - ask them how they will be celebrating Earth Hour. Write your political representatives to ask what their commitment is in supporting Earth Hour. Let's make this a bigger event than last year - and increase our commitment to stewardship of the Earth's resources.

Until our Paths cross again,

Walk softly .....

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