Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Episode 17 - We're Meeeeellllllllting !

The Magical Earth - Ep 17

Greetings, fellow travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth. Let's walk together a while...

Our check in reveals that the weather is damp and the snow is melting, and our old decrepit bones are achey and our allergies are flaring up and we're a wee bit congested. "What a drag it is getting old ..."

Three of us are also enjoying the National Beverage of Winnipeg - "the Slurpee". Jacinthe doesn't like them. Go figure.

We resume our Olympic commentary - and note all the "pagan familiar" symbols and ritual components of the opening ceremonies - from the greetings of / to the four directions, to the raising of energy through sacred dance - all these symbols made sense to us - and the subsequent spectacle of Canadiana Unfurled - it was amazing.

Cliff thinks that many of our athletes raided the Superhero wardrobe - bobsledders looking like Spiderman, speed skaters that looked like Xmen - and a certain Manitoba Skeletor that was The Flash. (yay Jon Montgomery!)

Thanks as always for your emails (themagicalearth@gmail.com) and comments on the Facebook page. We were sent an email with a great cartoon of a woman knitting via video game - we'll see if we can include that here in the show notes.

We each give our final thoughts (Jacinthe & Alex are already fantasizing about spring cleaning...)

To wrap things up - on a sombre and respectful note - Susan dedicates a poem to the people of Georgia, in honor of their fallen Olympian .... To An Athlete Dying Young by A.E. Housemann.

Until next time - walk softly ...

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