Thursday, November 27, 2008

A call for Yule blessings

A Call for Yule blessings promo

We here at the Magical Earth Quadcast are looking for submissions of short Yule
blessings for our up coming show. In much the same way that regular
Radio and TV channels offer their audience a chance to record a greeting for the
world this time of year. We are expecting to recieve a number of these
so we do ask that you keep them under 15 seconds. If you are able to
record the wav file yourself you can e-mail that to us. if not just
write down the greeting and e-mail to it to

From all of us here at the Magical Earth thanks for listening and for the support and until the next episode we hope you enjoyed the singing by the members of the Gaiaist Wiccan Tradition.

Walk softly

Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Day

It has been a very strange day for me today. I noticed this morning that we had a spike in listeners this morning. There were a couple of things I knew that could have caused it. We received a couple of shout outs from beloved podkin Darklyfey from the Darker side of Fey as well as from Oseaana over at Getwitchified over the weekend. We also were just recently added to Itunes.

So when I got home tonight I thought I would give Itunes a check and see if anyone had posted a review or anything like that yet. As I started searching The Magical Earth in Itunes I was stun and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the Top Podcast list in Spirituality / Other. I just had to do a screen capture and share it with the world.

As I write this our first episode has just broken 100 downloads.

Thank you to all of our listeners and to all those who have encouraged us on our journey. Please remember to e-mail your Yule blessings for the world to

Remember walk softly...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Now Available on iTunes

Greetings, Fellow Travelers

It is with a mixture of shock, awe, pride, and humility that are now able to be downloaded from iTunes - and are (as of last viewing a minute ago) to be found on page 5 of the Spirituality podcast feature pages.

Hopefully this will make download life simpler for many of you!

Thanks for your continued support - and please - give us some feedback - either on the blog comments - or by email at ALSO - if you want us to read your Yule-tide greetings in our next podcast - send them along.

Stay warm - stay well - and

walk softly........

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yule Episode "Under Construction"

Greetings, Fellow Travelers,

We are currently planning our Yule Episode, due to be set free in the wild about a week before Yule itself - if all goes according to Plan.  (Hello..... Murphy!)

We would like to offer our listeners the opportunity to send a Yule wish or a New Calendar Day greeting to a friend or loved one "somewhere out there".  If you would like to send a brief greeting to someone via "us'" here at the Magical Earth Quadcast - please email it to us at

We'll read as many as we can in between our other segments - please keep them short and sweet - who it's to and where they are, and who it's from and where you are.  We will edit as necessary - and we'll do our best - but we make no promises - except "first received, best chance of being read." 

And if you want to send a 10 second sound file - we'll do our best to give it a spin.  

Until our paths cross again, 

Walk softly...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank you for listening! 110+

Greetings, Fellow Travelers...

We just wanted to say thank you for listening to the Magical Earth - between our first two episodes, we have been downloaded over 110 times - which is very humbling! 

Thanks also to those of you who are "following" us on Blogger - and who have joined the Facebook Magical Earth page - great to see some new faces there as well.  welcome welcome welcome to our corner of the circle.

Please let us know what you think - what you liked - what you'd like to see - we're planning our Yule episode and would love to hear from you.  We've had a couple comments here on the blog, and one or two emails at - and we may read them on the next episode.

The Great Mother is changing from her reds and rusts and golds to the beauty of her Winter White dress - the world looks clean and bright (until you step into that puddle of slush).  The evergreen trees here in Winnipeg are being weighed down with globs of heavy wet snow.  Will it stay for the season, or are there a few more days left before Lady Winter moves in for her seasonal visit.  Maybe she's just flirting with us for now.  Maybe not.  Stay warm, be well, and share a cup of something warm and chocolatey with someone close to your heart.  Embrace the best of the coming season, and know that the Light will be returning in just a few short weeks.

Until next time our paths cross.... 

Walk Softly.

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