Monday, May 10, 2010

And then there were two

Hello - these are not show-notes but life notes from Susan & Jacinthe...

It is with great sadness that Jacinthe and Susan have decided to leave the Magical Earth.  This is due to personal reasons - a little bit of this, a dash of that - some family related, some health related, some work related, some life related - and we think it better that we step away and stop holding back Cliff and Alex from doing this sacred work mostly because it has become damned near impossible to get our schedules to match and allow all of us to be in the same time/space continuum to get the shows recorded on any kind of schedule.

We wish them well, love them dearly, and plan to tune in and listen to see where they will take the 'cast in the future.  We thank you - our listeners - for the time you have spent with us.  For Susan, it has been a deep blessing to share her passion of Sacred Poetry with you, and for Jacinthe - sharing her thoughts about the sacredness of the Earth, gardening and food/cooking is her greatest joy.

Jacinthe and Susan are still on Facebook - you can find us there - and Cliff & Alex will pass on any messages that may be directed our way.  We're all still good friends - nobody is fighting or breaking up - its just a question of time and space management -and who knows what new and wonderous things will grow in the space that is being cleared by the universe.

Thanks for walking with us - thanks for listening to us - keep on listening to The Magical Earth - you know we will - and above all ............. thanks for listening to these two old and highly opinionated women. :)  To Cliff and Alex, thanks for opening up this crazy podcasting world to us.  It's been a great adventure.

to everyone ....

May the Lady and Lord light your path on this fragile planet.Walk softly.
Susan & Jacinthe

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