Monday, June 21, 2010

Episode 18 - the big good bye

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It has been an amazing ride recording the Magical Earth for all of you. Sadly all good things must at some point come to an end. As the Facebook fans and blog readers already know Susan and Jacinthe have had to step back from working on the show. It became nearly impossible to schedule times to record episodes and live got busy all around. You can see all the details of their farewell post at on the blog you can also here all the details in the show.

It was with a lot of thought and discussion that Alex and I decided to bring an end to the Magical Earth. It started out with 4 of us and we would rather start something new and let be remember as the quadcast it was. That being said we are not ready to give up on the Pagan Podcasting Community. We have started our own new show called the Spirit of Life. You can find it at we both hope that you will continue to listen and look forward to hearing from you. Any farewell messages you have can still be sent to

Thanks for listening and please walk softly

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