Friday, October 16, 2009

episode 11 - Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

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Greetings, fellow Travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth Quadcast. We are so happy to have you with us to celebrate our first full trip around the sun. We couldn't have done it without you - our listeners. We appreciate the time you spend with us.

Its great to have Jacinthe back in the circle - now that the lawn is torn up and the heirloom eggplants have been turned into spicy pickled goodness. We do our usual check up and check in to share what's been happening in our lives over the past month or so.

WE GOT MAIL - thank you so much to those of you who took time to send us such wonderful emails - many of them were mini essays on some of the points we were discussing - we greatly enjoyed reading and discussing them, and bring some of the highlights to our discussion . If you want to add your thoughts to the mix - please comment on the blog or email us at

If anyone is still interested in doing a distance ritual for energy around jobs - promotions - employment - job satisfaction - let us know - this is a carryover from Episode 10's idea - and we're always game for a good ritual.

Our topic this show - a reader suggestion - and its a hot topic - "Magical Names" - where we start out safe and then veer sharply into political incorrectness. You've been warned. :) Our quesiton of the show is about the "who / how / what /why / when" of your magical name. How did it come to you - what does it mean to you - what impact has it had on your magical and regular life?

We are all very excited (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) about the impending opening of "Where the Wild Things Are" - as well as a handful of other movies. But really - "WTWTA" is what it's all about - such a great book for kids of all ages and the adults who love them. LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!

Time for our closing thoughts - Here's a question for you - "why do all the pagan calendars start on Jan 1/secular calendar change day - why not Samhain?" (we know that there are a few that do - but not many)

This episode's Sacred Poetry come from a pair of books called The Book of Hours (one for the Goddess and one for the God) by Galen Gillotte.

It has been a pleasure to walk this episode with you! Have a blessed Samhain if you celebrate it - and may the Ancestors give you wisdom and peace.

Until next time - walk softly.

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