Wednesday, May 20, 2009

April Showers, May Flowers, darned near Summer Fools

The Magical Earth Episode 8

Greetings Travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth.

A seasonal episode, a little later than anticipated due to

Thanks to our elder Podkin, our Wigglian brother and sister, Mojo & Sparrow, for helping us with our little April Fools "podcast exchange".

We take a few minutes to get caught up on the rising floodwaters, and talk about local initiatives to reduce our civic environmental footprint.
  • garbage day is not "recycling day" to increase awareness of recycling as an option, shifting the focus of public consciousness. (ah, magick)
  • exploring the recycling of the sand used over the winter to give our streets more traction. Winnipeg as a city does a poor job of "being green".
Alex talks about her class field trip to the Costume Museum of Manitoba and how fashion used to be far more reusable than it is today.

Susan and Jacinthe are excited about some recycled fibre that they have ordered that uses waste fibre from the sari industry to create lucious yarn for knitters.

Susan's workplace implemented a hazardous waste disposal program, including safe battery disposal, through one of our clients business initiatives.

Jacinthe talks about how Spring Cleaning is a form of "honoring the ancestors" - and a time of remembering.

How do we celebrate the holidays when the seasons are changing - thank you Climate Change. While the Solstices and the Equinoxes remain constant, the "agricultural connection" is not so strong depending on where you are in the world. We reference Wiccan author and friend Kevin Saunders and his books , where he talks about using the "first full moon" in the astrological sign for the non-solar holidays. We've decided as a working group to go back to observing the holidays based on the lunar/solar cycles.

Spring Cleaning is occurring in both households - Jacinthe starts hers in the first full moon in Aries - and in each room she starts at the east-most doorway and goes counterclockwise around the room. Cliff and Alex make a plan, and then "execute!". YMMV

We talk about setting books free after our time with them is done - and talk about the most recent edition of Pangaia magazine and their article on Influential Pagans. Congratulations to the fine folk at the Pagan Centered Podcast and Mojo and Sparrow at the Wigglian Way for getting mentioned.

Cliff now Plurks and has abandoned Twitter.. Susan also plurks, and still tweets. Alex laughs at the geekyness of it all, and Jacinthe sticks to her knitting . We declare a Pagan Plurk Revolution. We Plurk. Join us plurking. Cliff is Randilin, Susan is SuHu - Alex is Tamile. Come Plurk with us.

Pagan Poetry ensues - two very different approaches to the body of the Great Mother. Speaking of great mothers as found in nature - check out this Youtube video.

This episdoe, we select the GeekWitch Podcast with its lovely host with a nerdy twist - Tallea Moonwater for our Pick a Pack of Pickled Pagan Podcasts.

Our episode has been brought to you by the World Card - this is Susan's least favourite card in the deck - (she is more of a Tower fan). May we embrace every new experience as a near-naked androgene holding a pair of pointy sticks, being cheered on from peanut gallery of the four corners of the globe by scary monsters.

Jacinthe talks about the power of creation at a molecular level - she explores her own spiritual growth and her soul's evolution through her ability to create through food -through her knitting and upcoming spinning - very nicely said by our usually quiet little French one.

We wind it up and look forward to the next episode. Until then...

Walk softly.

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