Friday, November 14, 2008

Yule Episode "Under Construction"

Greetings, Fellow Travelers,

We are currently planning our Yule Episode, due to be set free in the wild about a week before Yule itself - if all goes according to Plan.  (Hello..... Murphy!)

We would like to offer our listeners the opportunity to send a Yule wish or a New Calendar Day greeting to a friend or loved one "somewhere out there".  If you would like to send a brief greeting to someone via "us'" here at the Magical Earth Quadcast - please email it to us at

We'll read as many as we can in between our other segments - please keep them short and sweet - who it's to and where they are, and who it's from and where you are.  We will edit as necessary - and we'll do our best - but we make no promises - except "first received, best chance of being read." 

And if you want to send a 10 second sound file - we'll do our best to give it a spin.  

Until our paths cross again, 

Walk softly...


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