Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome to the iTunians and a Hey There to YOU!

Greetings, Fellow Travelers,

Just wanted to put out a word of welcome to the fine folk who are finding us through iTunes.  Thanks to everyone who has been listening, reading, commenting, emailing.  We appreciate it more than you know.  Send us your Yule shout-outs by email - we'll be recording the Yulecast next weekend - so don't delay!

A big thanks to our Podkin for their quiet encouragment, support, shoutouts on their own podcasts, and getting friended on Facebook - we learn from you every time we listen to you - and we'll be giving out props in the next episode as we launch "Pick a Pack of Pickled Pagan Podcasts" segment.  

Its a bit overwhelming seeing our logo on the iTunes feature banner - the Pentacle Rose was designed by a dear friend (salut, Gregory L! Ca va?) many years ago, and has finally found its home as the logo for our little quadcast.

There have been a few casual, off-hand suggestions that we should get some "stuff" made up with the Magical Earth logo/taglines - but the question is .... does anyone care?  And if you do - what would want to see?

No immediate plans to "merch out" - but always doing research, because as a wise old man once said, "Give the People What They Want".  Thanks, Brother Ray - good advice.

so - whaddya want? :)

Until our paths cross again ....

Walk softly.


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