Thursday, October 23, 2008

Episode Two - We Do It Again!

The Magical Earth Episode 2 - We are on the Air

Greetings, Fellow Travellers,

Thanks to everyone who gave our first episode a listen - we really appreciate it! Welcome back for the second episode of The Magical Earth. Excuse the sonic clutter - there's a bit more background noise than we'd like - we're still learning how to do this gracefully. We recorded this on John Lennon's birthday (Imagine!), and this edition of The Magical Earth is brought to you by The Strength Card.

Once again, the magickal music of Patrick Bernard takes into our Ritual Greeting and we're ambling along the path of conversation. Thanks to Mojo & Sparrow of the Wigglian Way podcast for the encouragment. Be sure to vote for them in the 2008 Podcast Awards - they are the only Pagan Podcast nominated! Show the Podkin some love - vote early and vote often!

We also a shout out to the Pagan Parents on the Edge as a valued community resource for any pagan with kids in their life. (That would be just about everyone).

A vibrant discussion about the deeper meanings in The Greeting ensues, which includes a mention of Don Miguel Ruiz's Four Agreements and then we get into a discussion about The Strength Card.

Cliff talks about his preparations for NanoWriMo - his work for 2008 will be inspired by three years of his "Questions of the Week" on the Communitas Paganus list. You are invited to join the group and jump into the discussions. We'd love to have you join us. We also have a Communitas Paganus group on Facebook.

The Magical Earth also has a Facebook Page - come on over if you are on Facebook!

Next, we are pleased to present the second part of our interview with "The Small Medium at Large" - Rev. Vicki Eaton, Spiritualist, Teacher and friend of our community. If you haven't listened to Part One- please give it a listen as Part Two jumps right in from where we left off in the first half. She talks quite extensively about how to raise a child that sees the invisible world. A great fit for any Pagan Parents on the Edge!

This segment's Sacred Poetry is from an anonymous Akkadian Poet from 2000 BCE who gave us "They are Seven" - a testament to the powers of darkness, and a great fit for the time of year as we head into Sacred Season of Samhain. Could these 7 Powers be the precursor of what became known as "7 Deadly Sins?" This poem inspired a Cantata by Sergei Prokovief. You can find this poem in this World Poetry anthology.

We didn't want to do a Samhain themed show - but this time of year is definitely "Media Find-A-Witch Season" for pagan elders in almost every community. Our discussion about the dialogue between the media and the pagan community may sound familiar to anyone who gets that annual phone call from someone who needs to talk to a Witch before Oct. 31st. Cliff references our current bookstudy book - Professor Ronald Hutton's Triumph of the Moon, and a past book study title "The Historical Mary - revealing the Pagan Identity of the Virgin Mother" by Michael Jordan (no not THAT Michael Jordan).

It isn't too early to start thinking about what you / we want to do for Earth Hour! And check out another great pagan blog - "Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom".

We conclude with Alex reading one of our collective favourite pieces - "She Returns: The Hallowe'en Witch."

And that wraps up this stroll along the byways of The Magical Earth. Please let us know what you think - what you like - what you'd like to hear. You can post comments here on the blog page, or via email at Thank you for giving us the gift of your time and attention. We hope you'll come back for Episode Three - which will be out around Yule.

Until then - be well, stay warm... and

Walk Softly.


Purple Dusk said...

Second podcast - second success!Thank you!

I see you got over your nervous giggles!

One thing I thought you should know..... the podcast goes silent between "misshapen green face" and "of the dark side of humanity. Each year I shed tears of respect." during the poem recitation. (at least it does on my download)

Thoroughly enjoyed it - I look forward to your next!

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