Saturday, October 11, 2008

Episode Two on the Way

Greetings, Fellow Travellers,

We wanted to let you know that we had a blast in the Magical Earth Studios this past Thursday, working on our second episode.  We hope to have it ready for release in the week before Samhain - so watch for updates.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the show and given it a listen.  We've passed the 50 downloads mark - and are truly grateful that you've invested your time in giving us a listen.  Looking forward to some feedback either here on the Magical Earth blog, or on our Facebook Page.  

We will be closing the Facebook "Group" - so if you haven't made the leap - lurch - stumble - shift over to the other "interface" - please stay with us and jump over.  The "page" format offers us more options and the ability to have downloads straight from the Facebook Page.  Cliff will be making sure everyone who wants to move on over gets there okay.

Until next time, enjoy the wonderful planet we live on, and give thanks to its Creator for the blessings received - its Canadian Thanksgiving weekend - and a great time to reflect on all that we have -and all that we can give back.  

Walk Softly.....


Purple Dusk said...

Really enjoyed the last podcast and thoroughly looking forward to the next.

I'm particularly interested in the concept of Gaiaist Wicca - not something I've heard of before and I'll be listening intently - if you can recommend any literature I'd be very grateful.

Bright Blessings,


One Opinionated Woman said...

Thanks for the comment and question - the Gaiaist Wiccan Tradition has been around for years, mostly as a mindset rather than as a formal practice. In these times of great awareness, it is shaping itself into a more cohesive movement. Happy to talk more about it, if you'd like - email me at

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