Saturday, November 7, 2009

Episode 12 - Dark Days - Dark Season

Episode 12

Greetings, Fellow Travellers, and welcome to the Magical Earth - recorded about 10 days before Samhain 2009.

Our check in reveals that:

  • Cliff is now the secretary of his union at work (yay), is getting ready for Nanowrimo (please friend Randilin)
  • Alex is also competing in Nano, immersed in work and knitting Yule gifts,
  • Susan is going to visiting Savannah GA in November (any listeners from the Deep South?), is also trying to compete in Nano (please friend me - SuHurrell - too!) and has been in a blur of catching up to losing most of September.
  • Jacinthe is NOT nano-ing, but is planning to compete next year. Lots of outdoor gardening ..... and family matters.

We read an email from Drake Atlas on magical names. His podcast ``Get Out of the Broom Closet`` is highly recommended.

Jacinthe shares some thoughts on an article she is reading in What is Enlightenment Magazine that leads us into our deep dish discussion this episode about death and dying, Pagan Style.

Some information on Eco- Burials, Natural Burials, and Pagan Options

Challenge of the Show - to write down your wishes for your funeral - your memorial service - your burial - your estate - and think about what you need to have in place - a Living Will - a DNR order - your insurance documents - whatever .... to make it as easy as possible for your family of origin and family of faith to midwife your death and celebrate your life after your transition to the Summerland.

We`d love to hear from you - comments - suggestions - opinions - stories about what is going on in your corner of the Magical Earth - email us at and join us on our Facebook Page - and friend any of us when you find us out there in social networking land.

As always, we end with some sacred poetry, once again drawn from The Goddess Book of Hours and the God Book of Hours by Galen Gilotte. The Samhain theme runs through these beautiful words as well. We hope you enjoy.

Until next time, walk softly.


Drake Atlas said...

Hey all just thought you would like to know that episode 12 was only about 6:50 long. It cuts out right after you all talk about buying a wood chipper. I tried downloading directly from your blog an I still had the same problem. I realy love the show, please keep up the great work.

Randilin said...

Hey Drake, Cliff here.

We just downloaded it off itunes and checked the one on the site and made it past the 6:50 mark from both sources. So I'm not sure what to suggest other then maybe to delete what you have already, reboot, and try downloading again.

Thanks for letting us know you had problems and if they continue e-mail and we will try and figure something out for you.

Blessed Be

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