Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lucky Episode 13 - We Got Guests!

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Greetings Fellow Travelers, and welcome to the Magical Earth - recorded at The Little Pink House Studio (for a change of pace from our usual recording place).

We got guests - Brendan Meyers and Juniper from the Hedge and Crash the Dog.

A quick check in:
Cliff is recovering from larangitis and is immersed in NanoWriMo (he won, by the way)
Alex is pursuing NanoKnitSwiMo - knitting 50,000 stitches in the month of November
Susan is mourning the death of her trusty laptop and is anticipating the arrival of something new and shiny
Jacinthe is enjoying her finally completed Tattoo - done by Jodie from Rock Road Tattoo (pictures coming soon) and is being creative.

Juniper talks about her preparation for moving from the Okanagan Valley to the Ottawa Valley, and Brendan has been preparing for Juniper's arrival in Ottawa and looking for a job and working on another book.

Then follows some free range discussion - enjoy! It was a great conversation that discusses Paganism from a uniquely Canadian point of view. Lots of ideas - push - pull - agree - disagree - Good Stuff! Entertaining and Informative - but don't take our word for it - listen up!!!

Some things that we reference in it are:

We talk about how to build community and maintain community. It is a heartfelt exploration of what makes a community cleave (in both meanings of the word).

Our guests do a bit of greatly encouraged self promotion, including a list of Brendan's books (buy a book - order online or through your local metaphysical bookstore or big box book barn)
  • The Other Side of Virtue
  • A Pagan Testament
  • Mysteries of Druidry
And Brendan's on Wikipedia!

and Brendan ends with Jacinthe's favourite song from his repertoire.

AND - buy your Walking the Hedge Calendar for 2010 TODAY! Support your local calendar making hedge-witch!

Until next time - walk softly....


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