Thursday, February 25, 2010

Episode 16 - The Olympic Edition

The Magical Earth Episode 16

Greetings, Fellow Travelers, and welcome to another stroll on The Magical Earth.

Our check in reveals the following:

Cliff is about to be published - his short story - Rescue Dogs is being included in a Friday Flash Anthology for 2009! Woo Hoo! We are so proud of him.

Alex comments on the sign in front of the church down the street - "Suffering From Truth Decay - Brush up on Your Bible". Many of these signs come from a subscription service and there are books of the really good ones. If you want to make your own Church sign - try this. Of course - we'd love your suggestion on what the sign outside a Pagan Temple say? Send your thoughts to

Susan is playing with new yarn, has hired a minion at work (yay), and reminds everyone that there are Cats in the house, and there might be feline intervention in the sound mix.

Jacinthe is on new pain meds, and we're all a little goofy! Other than that - she is working lots, life is good - no complaints - and is knitting her poncho (46 rows plus a collar to go!)

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We discuss the Olympics. We want to be very clear that we are talking about the Institution - not the athletes, or the Games themselves. Our running commentary starts out a bit on the caustic side - but we move towards the magical aspects as we explore how we feel about this cultural bombardment of sporting culture.

The Olympics were very pagan in their origins - and there are lots of online resources talking about that - from this article on the Ancient Olympics in Wikipedia and other places, as well as the occasional media article - like this one from the Winnipeg Free Press. The discussion ranges far and wide, and ends with some Canadian Pride. (remember that this was recorded before we knew how crazy Vancouver -and the entire country - would get.) We are also proud that the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg cast the medals. Here's a picture of the Mint - but it doesn't have the Olympic window decorations - they have the images of the medals "on" the glass 30 feet high - it is spectacular.

In closing - we offer our blessings to our athletes.

For our final thought - Susan discusses the new We Are the World - and encourages all of you to go to iTunes to download and donate a few more dollars to the Haitian Relief Fund. We end the show with a song from Michael Franti (we would follow Michael Franti into battle.)

Hey World - Walk Softly.....


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