Thursday, February 4, 2010

Episode 15 - Intention (using a familiar metaphor)

The Magical Earth - Episode 15

Welcome, fellow travelers, as we walk together on the Magical Earth ...

Thanks to all our listeners - old - new - aged - faithful - we have seen an increase in our subscribers and we are very appreciative of the time you invest in us - let us know how you heard about us - and what you think! Your comments here on the blog and your emails to help guide us in the way we shall go.

Our checkins reveal the following truths:

  • Alex got laid off, but has plans to go to University and take Theatre - concentrating in stage craft and costume design. Light a candle that funding comes her way to make this possible.
  • Jacinthe talks about her daughter's ongoing battle with crystal meth addiction - and offers hope to anyone who is walking a similar journey. Please let her and / or Susan know if you have a similar story - or a loved one / parent / child / life mate / friend that is struggling with addictions - there is strength in hearing each other's stories. Places like the Addictions Foundation can offer real help - for the families as well as the addicted person. Find the help you need near you - and ask for what you need.
  • We digress into a conversation about being Pagan parents in a non-Pagan culture, and what it means for Pagan children to be "different" from their classmates with different holy days, etc...
  • Susan is just plain grateful that she won the birth lottery - and doesn't take it for granted. She has been writing more, blogging at h"Where I Am, Knitting is Also - Not a Knitting Blog" on some self-introspection about how to contribute to and create community. That gives Jacinthe more time to read and to cook.
  • Cliff also talks about his writing, and we all have various levels of lust for the iPad. Thanks to the good folks at FailBlog for the image.

So - we use knitting as a metaphor. Please stick with us - there is a point to the preamble about knitting - it really does lead to a deep magical conversation about magic and intent. We talk about the tools of our trade - needle size, wool types (like Fleece Artist - great Canadian yarn company) - and our patterns. Alex mentions her 10 for 10 project - doing 10 new things in 2010 and Ravelry - a social network for the crafty set. You can connect to Alex (Tamile ) Jacinthe (as Jacinthe ) or Susan (suhurrell) as a knitting buddy. Cliff is STILL not knitting. We also refer to Knitpicks - and the KnitPicks podcast - with thanks!!!

We also remind people to join us on our Facebook page - and to give us feedback! It is from this feedback that leads us to our topic in a fibre-kind-of-way. This is NOT a knitting podcast! We are here to talk about intent! Knitting is the metaphor for INTENTION. Mentally substitute "magic" or "prayer" " for the word knitting - think "ritual" for "pattern" - its a bit of mental gymnastics, but it makes sense - in some places more than others.

If you want to skip all the "casting on" of preparatory stage setting - skip ahead to where the conversation get a bit more magically specific (but not much) at 38:55 - but really - its worth ploughing through the rest of the preamble.

We mention two books - Wicca Covens by Judy Harrow and Deepening Witchcraft by Grey Cat. Cliff is going to put an Amazon affiliate link up on our blog - so go through that portal to order your books and we get a penny or two to keep the lights on at the Magical Earth studios.

If you have ever received a Susan created "Circle of Love" - please snap a quick photo with your mobile camera - and send it along. I'd love to create a gallery of all the blankets and shawls I've given away over the years. No pressure. (maybe no pictures).

Susan talks about the situation in Haiti - having connections as a Canadian with a Haitian-born Governor General, and a dear friend whose mother is Haitian born. Please pray for the people of Haiti - and find a cause that you support - Susan supports Doctors Without Borders and Mennonite Central Committee. Think about praying for Haiti on the 12th of every month.

In our final thoughts - Cliff praises Canada's own DART - Disaster Assistance Response Team who are bringing water purification technology to Haiti. This makes us all proud to be Canadians. (Susan also references Michale Prichard's LifeSaver water purification video that is part of TED talks - and is a worthy philanthropic effort in need of support)

Alex refocuses on Intent as a guiding principle of magic and life. Jacinthe can't wait for the snow to melt and to get her hands back into the mud (garden lust). Susan is reminded that intent is everything - the seed that we plant that grows the tree of our life. She also mentions Dee's project at Pagan FM to create a Pagan musical recording to raise funds for Haiti.

Cliff is all about the lists - for our Ostara episode - we are all bringing a list of 5 favourite things - a list or two - to share. We invite you to either ask us for our list of our "Five Favourite whatever's" - or to send us your own Five Favourite lists - we can't promise to get to them all - but we'll do what we can. there will be an episode or two between now and then - so thanks for keeping tuned it.

Susan closes the show with an original poem, cause she forgot the big book of Pagan poetry. Hope you enjoy.

Until next time,

Walk softly .....


Jes' Mysictal Treasures said...

Hi my name is Jes, and I've just started a Blog and Web I hope you all stop by to meet me and see what I have.
Speaking of Ostara...come see my sight and next months posting and see what beautiful eggs I have for you and please drop me a line when you come. Looking forward to talking with you all.
I'm new to this blogging thing so I hope I've done it right...
Merry meet Merry part and Merry meet again

sak said...

I like the ideas presented of doing episodes on addictions and on parenting. I look forward to those discussions. :)

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